Monday, February 6, 2017


“Pining for a round of Ehre Sei Gott... Dreaming of that handsome Gypsy Rover...
Wishing you were far away on the Wings of a Dove?”

With such seduction only dire circumstances could have prevented any self-respecting ‘T16er’ from accepting Eric’s captivating and kind invitation to reunite and relive fond memories of our European Tour.
And so it was that on a balmy evening on Friday, February 3rd, those who were able to, gathered at 66 East Street to enjoy Eric’s hospitality in the surrounds of his delightful garden where 20 something Tourers shared a table full of enticing culinary contributions, Eric’s colourful fruity concoction, for many, fortified by the odd drop of wine and the memories made during that amazing magical musical 2016 tour.
However, a themed evening such as this devoid of "loosening up the vocal chords" would have been an evening unfinished and as the sun melted into the horizon and Eric’s blinking pathways and pebbles became an illumination to rival the stars; with Alexis poised at her music stand also singing in support of the depleted sop 1s and Margaret’s always faultless however this night futile attempts in the open air to make herself heard at the piano ,  we sang our songs with gusto and longing.   That’s the beauty of singing in this Choir...the constant striving for something more even after the last journey has ended.
By: Sue Walker

Alexis and Margaret 

Our gracious host Eric

Eric's Colourful Fruity Concoction

Joan and Leah

Linda and Sue

Moira and Peter

Roger and Roland

Brian and Marina

Alexis and Linda

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Santa's cheeky helpers  !!♥

By  Susan Walker                              

Twenty-six years can be a long time or a short time depending on what one is alluding to.  However, when it refers to the number of years the ESK COMMUNITY CHOIR has been bringing the sounds of Christmas to audiences in the Somerset Region, then time is of little consequence for according to many who attended this year's Family Christmas Variety Concert at the Somerset Civic Centre on Sunday December 4th, these are Concerts by a Choir which, like fine wine, just seem to improve with the years.

Concert goers packed the Auditorium to enjoy those things which touch each one of us at this time of the year; the traditions, the sights and sounds of the season, special times with family and friends and to celebrate in song with an exceptional line-up of talent.

Making their Esk Christmas Concert return were Iain Mclean's sensational 'Strings & Things' whose stirring anthems thrilled alongside the purity of sound from soprano Hettye Van Wyk and her accompanist, Mary Mosses as well as the airily dulcet tones of Sharelle Guest's  flute.  


 Though the Choir made a good fist of their oral Aussie style execution of ' 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', it could not collate with the brilliance of poet, Ian Mackay whose eloquence had audience members straining for more.  A showcase of exuberance and burgeoning talents, the songs sung by The Semitones never fail to put smiles on faces  as did this year's items by Adam Smith's school Choir and Band who gave a dazzling performance.


Exceptional was the return to the 'Phantom' stage for Choir members, Kathleen, Roger and Eric as they revived some of the 2016 memories with their  re-enactment of  'Prima Donna' and with excerpts from the beloved musical  'My Fair Lady'  the stunningly costumed Esk Ensemble was simply outstanding.




 Alongside 'Strings & Things' and the sublime accompaniment by Choir accompanist, Margaret and flautist, Suzanne, the finale was a collaboration of choral and instrumental  bringing the spirit of Christmas to concert goers through some adored Christmas Carols. Following gracious wishes for a safe and joyous Christmas conveyed by Choir Director, Alexis FitzGerald, both audience and artists converged around the colourful afternoon tea tables to celebrate the fellowship that music inspires.


 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We look forward to sharing the joy of music
with you again 
in 2017