Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cruisin' Calypso (2009)

In September of 2009 the E.C.C. presented their latest "strictly for adults" theatre restaurant 'Cruisin' Calypso'.

Michelle, Jo, Kathie
"Drinkin' Rum & and Coca Cola"
From the moment audience members stepped into the Lyceum Hall they found themselves being swept along with the swell of the SS Indulgence. Audience members were greeted at the door by island girls, who immediately put everyone in a Caribbean frame of mind. Rather than enter in the traditional way everyone walked the gangplank, where the ship's pretty mates welcomed us aboard with a flower lei and glass of champagne. The hall was decorated with palms and banana leaves, and the colour scheme of black, yellow and green reflected the flag of the country we were destined for - Jamaica.

The story following a group of passengers who set out on a Caribbean cruise which offers them much more than they bargained for, as they travelled through the Bermuda Triangle things went from strange to stranger as they encountered some very odd characters.

Audience favourites were definitely Elvis (played by Lloyd King in a number of fantastic outfits - made by his wife, Carolyn), and the hilarious "Bowls Ladies" (Patrina McLeod, Carmel Lynch and Marina Crichton). Prizes were awarded for the best dressed audience member - it was very pleasing to see so many passengers dressed for the part. A smoking volcano had centre stage in Act 2 and cast members had to appease the Great God Burpo with a sacrificial virgin - easier said than done! The appearance of four Zombies had the audience members in stitches and it was great to see some good sports join them up on stage to do the Limbo.

The show ended with Elvis singing up a storm and the whole cast joining the audience for a congo line through the tables.

Many passengers were reluctant to come to the end of their cruise and compliments were flying - the show was a great success. It was a lot of hard work, but everyone pulled their weight and it all came together. Our Musical Director and Producer, Alexis FitzGerald of course, did a wonderful job as did everyone else involved. Russell Zammet produced his masterpieces again and the volcano especially was a great hit, we are so lucky to have his artistic talents in our choir.

Michelle Rose

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