Saturday, November 26, 2011

Open Garden 2011


by: Sue Walker

There is something quite infectious which affects the spirit and cannot help but be transmitted to all those exposed to it when one finds themselves in a garden the likes of which was open for all to explore at "Wivenhoe" on the weekend of the 12th and 13th November. A masterpiece of colour, structure, tiny focal points and mass plantings which melt into the landscape and lakescape so perfectly you'd be shocked by the reality of the barrenness that it was some 30 years ago. Around 470 visitors were welcomed by hosts, Mary and Leofric North over the two days of the Open Gardens Australia weekend and all were inspired in so many ways by this pleasurable experience.

But what be a garden without music? ..and on this occasion it was the Esk Community Choir who sang so beautifully to the flowers, the clear blue sky and the many guests where they relaxed on the lawns and in the shaded seating, all fortified by delicious refreshments, a setting to capture the hearts and minds of all those who were fortunate enough to be there.

The mission of the Australian Open Garden Scheme is to promote the enjoyment, knowledge and benefits of gardens and gardening in Australian Communities and since 1987, has contributed over $4.7 million to charities and groups, the choice of which is left to the Garden owners themselves. This weekend, through the unimaginable hard work and kindness of Mary and Leofric North, the beneficiaries of their generosity have been the ESK COMMUNITY CHOIR who have been unstoppable in living their motto "Service in Song" since the destruction of all their possessions by fire eighteen months ago and their gratitude to the North family and to this Community knows no bounds.

For those who were privileged to share the joys of this weekend I'd be willing to wager that their new or improved gardens are already in the planning stages and for another dose of the sounds of their music, the Choir will be holding its 21st Christmas Variety Concert at the Esk State School Hall on the 4th December. We'd love you all to share with us in the making of more beautiful memories.

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