Tuesday, September 11, 2012


No, not  a recipe for his usual martini but the effect he created as this dashing "James Bond" made his "007" signature by-your-leave from the Stage at the ESK COMMUNITY CHOIR'S  "Our Gift to the Outback" Pre-Tour Concert on Sunday September 9th.
This inaugural  Concert in the new Somerset Civic Centre  took a wrapt audience on a musical journey as diverse as some of the places at which the Esk Community Choir will be performing during their 11 day concert tour of Central Queensland in just over one week's time.
What more fitting than a rousing Aussie Anthem opening by nine of the cutest little half-notes around,  the "Semitones",  as they performed the first item of the first Concert at the oh so impressive new Somerset Civic Centre... the next generation who hold in their hands the continuum of the wonderful music culture now legendary  in the Somerset Region and beyond,  created by the Esk Community Choir.    From Opera excerpts to an oxo cube of "Paint Your Wagon".  From Broadway  to some 1920's bawdy Scherzi ballyhoo and some uncloistered irreverence when Mother Mary Nag-a-Lot and her saucy Sisters took to the stage, this was a concert which had the near capacity audience applauding for more.   And more they got with a lively interpretation of the Italian song "Zing Zing" as an encore.   Like a great bottle of red, this Choir just seems to get better with age!!!
Following a cuppa and an afternoon tea that tasted as tantalising as it appeared in the Somerset Civic Centre's sumptuous foyer,  the satisfied audience made their way home with, as one of closing numbers suggested,  a song in their hearts,  excited by the prospect of the Choir's upcoming Christmas Concert on December 2nd,  and more and more amazing musical moments this Civic Centre and this wonderful Esk Community Choir will have in store.
For the next page of the journey.... "Our Gift to the Outback"  Concert Tour..... Watch this space!!!

By Susan Walker.