Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Semitones Singing into Spring

On Sunday, September 8th, it was not just the flush of perfect weather which brought friends and families out and about in Esk but the songs of The Semitones and featured guests whose warmth of sound provided a joyful entrée to the season with their "Sing Into Spring" held in the Joan Burke Room, the backdrop and splendour of which spoke of the spectacle about to unfold at the Somerset Civic Centre.
It is a true measure of her love and passion for music, singing and the continuum of the music culture in the Somerset Region, the genesis of which began 35 years ago with the formation of her Esk Community Choir, that Alexis has devoted her time and talents to nurture and polish the musical skills of this new generation of little songsters to a place and time which has allowed them the performance discipline and talents to shine in their own rite... And on this day, along with the always alluring piano accompaniment by Margaret, shine they certainly did!! The joyous energy and enthusiasm for singing was tangible as these 12 little Semitones began by taking their audience back through many of their performance songs that have been thrilling concert goers since their formation as a Choral Ensemble  five years ago.

Excerpts from "Oliver" were sprinkled with sublime solos and duets from Ticky, Joshua, Carley, Nedi, Jessica and Seth as were they later from Layla, Sophie and Kaitlin through their delightful performance of "The Alphabet Song".   

Katie, the cutest little Bird Lady to hit the stage,  with her rendition of "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins,  left the audience in no doubt of the depth of the musical talent that trickles through her veins. 

From members of the Esk Choir, some upbeat "Courtin'" advice in a solo from Sue Walker and Esk's very own 'Frankie and Bing' in the form of Graeme Lynch and Bob Hardy with "High Society"'s irrepressible duet "Well Did You Evah!" both adding another dimension to the quality entertainment, while the 2013 Esk Ensemble made their debut with some exhilarating harmonies to the obvious enjoyment of the audience.  

The "Scherzi" ladies with their lively and colourful interpretation of "All That Jazz" proved there is never an age limit to unadulterated enjoyment of song and dance and then it was back to some sanity with the mellifluous new sounds from The Semitones.   

Aydan's growing stage confidence and vocal talents were truly evident during his sterling performance of "Les Poissons" from the Little Mermaid.  From Emily's faultless pianoforte performance at the outset through the purity of her voice in "A Bushbird in a Blue Gum Tree" to her polished characterisation of "Bustopher Jones" from Cats and her heart-warming duet performance of "I Praise You Lord" with sister Katie, she is already a star whose brilliance will continue to inspire her generation and light up audiences for a very long time.
"Pass Me By" from Father Goose heralded the Finalé to this captivating afternoon of singing but a title of mere words when it relates to The Semitones' next appearance, for no one will be wanting to pass by when these 13 little stars perform alongside Esk Community Choir as well as some amazing guest Choirs at this year's best ever Annual Christmas Concert on December 8th.

by: Sue Walker 

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  1. Congratulations to The Semitones. You put on a wonderful show and we look forward to seeing many more.