Saturday, September 5, 2015


Margaret Philp, Jan Jennings, Kathie Watts, Elaine Brown, Di Chaplin, Roland Cox, Sue Cox.

Putting the "fun" back into Fundraising was not too difficult on Saturday August 15th when a team of toilers from the Esk Community Choir came together at Bunnings in Toowoomba  to feed the hungry masses with well over 70 kilos of sausages, bread by the truckload, oodles of onions and a song in their hearts.
There is something alluring about the aroma of sizzling sausages and onions that tempts even the virtual vegetarian to the Bunnings Sausage Tent and this day was no exception.  With careful choreography around a small space allowing for accuracy and efficiency of movement, Roland Cox's brilliant preparation paddles playing a significant role in this, the conga line of customers were catered for faster than Wonder Woman can deflect bullets!!
 Even before the sauce had time to settle on unsuspecting items of clothing, many were returning for seconds, due in large  to the most mouth-watering sausages provided  by our own Damien FitzGerald's 'BOUTIQUE MEATS'  and for these and his continual support of the Choir's endeavours, we are continually grateful.  Thanks too must go to those of the Choir who were unable to man the marquee on the day but whose onion chopping efforts proved invaluable.
Though weary and worn, workers went home full of the joys of a successful day, both financially and socially.   Funds raised amounted to just under $2,000.00...a brilliant effort by Sue and Roland Cox and all those who gave of their time and energy for this Overseas Tour 2016 fundraiser.  

by Sue Walker 
Keeping a watchful eye on the 'takings' is our Sue Walker.

Roger Woodman and Tom Byrne
 Perhaps discussing the molecular structure of titanium !!!

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