Monday, July 9, 2018


Brian and Marina Crichton, Susan Walker, Alexis FitzGerald and Ruth Skippen

In the words of Scottish Poet Robbie Burns, Some hae meat and canna eat, and some wad eat that want it, but we hae meat, and we can eat and sae let the Lord be thankit .  And so it was on a braw bricht moon-licht nicht on Saturday 7th July when the delightful Alan Roughan, tarted up in his best Scottish accoutrements welcomed well over 100 mostly similarly clad diners to the Scottish Christmas- in-July themed Toogoolawah Hotel for a night of fabulous fun, four courses of Scottish fare, fundraising and entertainment.  

Find a need and there will always be those hard-working people who cannot knock back a cry for help.  In this instance, it was the good folk from the Esk Hospital Auxiliary and a group from the Toogoolawah Bridge Club who were the oxygen behind the fundraising exercise and together with a whole host of generous donors, managed to raise $5500.00 for the purchase of a chemotherapy infusion chair and patient hoist for the Esk Hospital. From the first stirring strains of the traditional bagpipe welcome for the Haggis followed by a whisky-bearer ensuring the guests were well lubricated, to the departing strains of Auld Lang Syne, this was a night which was high on the spirit of giving not the least by Alexis and little chorus of choristers who did their level best to lead the revelers in the singing of some well-loved Scottish songs. 

Tony and Alexis FitzGerald
It was very early the following morning when the Celtic carousers were possibly still in recovery mode that another diligent group of Choir members was already hard at work fundraising for the choir serving sausages and sauces to the hungry hoards outside the Bunnings Store in Toowoomba. 
Few have not been so burdened with bundles of Bunnings Hardware that they have not found a free hand to fulfill the need for sausage fortification as they depart the store thereby creating a constant flow of customers to be catered for by choir members.  By day’s end, an elated exhaustion emerges, possibly combined with sausage phobia though never for long when sausages from Boutique Meats, the best little bovine butcher in Toogoolawah, are on the menu.  To Damien and to Sue and Roland Cox and their team of volunteers go bundles of bouquets and the gratitude of the Esk Community Choir.  
 By: Susan Walker

Jan Tom, Ruth, Greg, Sue



Tom, Greg, Sue

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  1. The Christmas in July at the Toogoolawah hotel was a lot of fun
    Loved those old scottish songs still remembered the words from my childhood so good to sing them again
    Well done