Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Some things, without our even realizing it, just seem to morph into the natural flow of our everyday lives and language to become 'iconicly' Australian and one of them is the good ol'   "sausage sizzle"... particularly the ones outside a Bunning's Store in downtown anywhere.   On a particularly hot one,  the day of 20th October, a stalwart bunch from the ESK COMMUNITY CHOIR just happened to be running a particularly busy one outside the Bunning's Store in downtown Toowoomba where searing temperatures were never going to get in the way of the enjoyment of a sizzling sanger.
Like ants at a Sunday picnic, an army of people started swarming the tent at around 8 am and the onslaught continued until the last cooked sausage rolled off the BBQ and onto its piece of bread at around 4pm.   Weekend warriors pushing trolleys laden with kids and all manner of merchandise were never so weighed down that the aroma of frying onions,  cooked sausages and eskies overflowing with ice cold drinks didn't have the effect of drawing them in like magnets to our tantalizing  tent. "Where'd these sausages come from?",   many would ask as they returned for seconds.  "The Esk Butcher!!" we told them loudly and proudly.

With over 70 kilos of sausages to sizzle,  loads of loaves, oceans of onions and masses to feed, the slick choreography of movement in the confines of a smallish and 'searingly' hot tent worked a merry dance..    With 14 Esk Community Choir members working in shifts,  each core of helpers, all assigned with their respective roles,  had the next orders in hand before the others had even begun wiping the first dollops of sauce off their T Shirts!

The day was  gastronomically, socially  and monetarily a huge success and while fund raising opportunities will continue to come and go, with so many of the happily willing workers as were present on this day,  the   Bunning's "Sausage Sizzle" will hopefully continue to be the iconic BBQ'd banger on the lips of sausage lovers everywhere. 
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